What would you do if you found out that your boyfriend is still mainting his profile on the online dating site where you met?


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I'd do one of the following:
1) Break things off and block all communication.
2) Accept that he is a DATE, not my boyfriend, and continue seeing him on that basis, enjoying my freedom to date other men as well.

I don't know enough about your particular situation to know whether this applies, so I'm speaking very generally here. Often ladies take a position of "No sex without a commitment" or "No sex without love." And no matter how the lady may word this, what many gentlemen hear is "If I tell her I'll be her boyfriend, tell her I love her, I get laid. Whoopie! Sure, she'll eventually find out that I'm not really her boyfriend, don't really love her, but I'll worry about that when it happens."

Ladies, don't ASK for falsehoods. Judge "what is going on between us" by actions, not by words. A guy will agree to all kinds of stuff, not really meaning it, when he's intent on getting what he wants.


"Maintaining" a profile means he is ACTIVELY still portraying himself as a single available man.

I would go to him and state that you changed your mind and no longer want to date him.I would not even bother with mentioning his profile as that is a moot point because the real issue is that he is a player and nothing you say or do will make a difference in that aspect of his personality.

Leave with dignity, don't look back.

But, if you wan to have a little fun with him, create a fake profile and get him interested, then drop him by deleting the profile. Harmless poetic justice.

confront him

Idk have a coffer

Offer him a choice: you or the site profile.

I probably wouldn't care.

Get another bf

I would ask about it and request that he take it down. If he won't, he's shady as hell and doesn't deserve you.

I would tell him how I discovered this information and then ask him why he was keeping the profile going, especially if I thought we were in agreement that it was a monogamous relationship.

I might ask him if he's still looking for dates. But if you're to the relationship stage where you've promised each other monogamy (never just assume he feels this way if you haven't actually discussed it), I'd probably tell him this makes me uncomfortable.

He is planing to dumb you