How do adults seriously convert to a religion?

I was brought up as a catholic but, like many others around me, grew out of it. I had assumed that religion was just a thing that people grow out of just like most people around me.
On that note, I can't fathom how people can "find god" as adults, or how they can continue believing into adulthood.

I used to envy those who kept their faith, but I no longer do. I'm free to make up my own mind knowing there isn't a fathomless being in the sky watching and judging me.
(No matter what the Bible says, it has always been my understanding that God is either malevolent or powerless to allow the Earth to get into this state).


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They scare easy.fear is the force that makes people religious.Those who "believe" have been terrorized, traumatized into compliance.Without that huge element of terror, old Abe's religions would have floundered and passes away long ago.But, if they can scare infants enough, it sticks, and they have a money source as long as the trained dupe lives.
Religion is a very obvious con job, nothing but fear holds it together.Which is why christians make so many threats, and commit so many violent acts.


"Billions and billions of years ago, nothing burst into everything. Eventually, our sun and Earth formed, and the Earth cooled into rock. It rained on those rocks for millions and millions of years, until the rock turned to soup, and that soup became your great great great great grandfather."

Millions of adults are converted to that religion. It's called Evolutionism.

By being converted by the Holy Spirit. I was not raised in a religious home and became a pROTESTANT. wHEN i WAS 27 Y/O i HAD A sPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE AND WAS LEAD BY jESUS INTO THE cATHOLIC cHURCH.

I knew one older lady who became Catholic because she had nightmares. She lived in China, has lived through the Cultural Revolution, the Great Leap Forward, perhaps the civil war, Soviet occupstion, Japanese occupation...It made her feel better, so why not?

I often wonder that exact same thing.Along with the fact that believing in something with no proof or evidence is patently absurd in the least.That is a huge red flag indicating that your critical thinking skills and your ability to reason is severely flawed.

Read the bible and you will know the answer

you don't find atheist in foxholes..........

Life changes, life stresses being exposed to different ways of thinking

People are always getting closer to or moving away from God

People encounter someting other

People are aware of a God shaped hole in their lives

When you have kids you might want christian goodies for your kids?

When you make the Bible irrelevant you CONDEMN your understanding to darkness

All you are doing is highlighting that Catholicism is false.

Can you not see that?

Severe emotional vulnerability due to unfortunate life circumstances.

Perhap if you ever manage to grow'll find out

It takes ability to think and see beyond yourself

The entire truth, the entire reality does not fit in the narrow space you humorously call your understanding