Why do people equates femininity to dumbness?

I am a woman and sick of this nonsense. Being a man is all about being smart and intelligent and being a woman is all about being dumb? Really?



People like Richard Simmons....Kyle Jenners & Kim Kardashians dad..I guess

I don't think they do, butback in the 'good old days' that the sexists on here pine for, women who were smart were advised NOT to show it. "Oh honey, a man doesn't want to think you're smarter than him--it threatens his masculinity.' So women were taught to keep quiet, to giggle, to act like they thought of nothing but cooking and babies. They often weren't encouraged to go to college or to have anything more than a standard 'job' as shop clerk, cleaner, cook, typist, even if they had aptitude in other fields. Birth control was more sketchy and if you are laden down with lots of babies, cookingandmenial chores, you are not going to have time to read books or expand your horizons. Being in the home constantly also kept you away from stimulating conversation with other adults.

They don't.

The laffer curve for intelligence among women has the same bell curve as men. The difference is the tails. On the low end, men can be dumber than women. Still, the total offset has men and women with the same majority IQ range.

If a woman is feminine and also dumb, that makes them equate femininity to dumbness.

Only feminists do this.

No, women are not dumb. My girlfriend is smarter than me and I find it sexy. Love tomboys.

Equate.Not “equates” in your sentence.

Because its true that's why. Do you know your question is grammatically wrong? Its 'equate' not 'equates' lol...