What's driving polar bears into southern regions they don't normally inhabit?

State of emergency is declared after more than 50 polar bears invade Russian town and 'chase terrified residents'


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The PB is primarily and ambush hunter capturing seals on sea ice while they rest or catching their pup’s, PB’s are excellent swimmers but not compared to a seal they stand little chance of catching a seal in the water. PB’s tradionlly starve over the short Arctic summer and this is the probelmthey face as Arctic summer grow longer and sea ice is slower to return PB’s have to starve for longer, while a PB while eat most anything, including humans they don’t tend to hunt us for the simple reason we don’t have the same energy content as a seal.
The other half of the deneir story here is claiming sea ice is growing, but this is simply not true.
The fall in sea ice continues, the average extent now about half what it was in the 1980’s


NO ICE THEY can not hunt seals like they should, so they move south to hunt what ever they can fine. People, deer, dogs, any thing they can eat.

i think that as weather warm up, many polar bears have to
emigrate to warm areas,

Maybe they're on a stag party?

They have learned that it's easier to hunt humans than seals.


The ice they use to hunt seals is melting so they need to find food elsewhere.

Climates always change and animals tend to move to environments that are suitable as they do.Polar Bears tend to like to stay near the ocean so that they can hunt seals but they are pretty capable hunters of other animals too.
I GoogledNovaya Zemlya, Russia and it is on a thin peninsula deep into the Arctic andisn't too far from the ocean (Barents Sea).I thought it was kind of humorous that they called them "endangered" animals.
Climate may or may not play a role IMO.It may be warmer making it difficult for bears to hunt so they moved inland or it may be colder causing the ice to freeze too much making seal hunting difficult or none of the above.

I'm skeptical that it is more southerly than normal.It may be more inland than normal but that is way up in the Arctic and probably has only polar bears.If you look at the brown bear range, it doesn't extend that far north.
If you find a bear there, chances are it is going to be a polar bear.

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2 Kings 2:24
The prophet turned and saw them, and he cursed them in the name of the LORD. Then two she-bears came out of the woods and tore forty-two of the children to pieces.

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