I want to talk to my therapist (who’s a woman) about girl stuff like intimidation of the opposite sex etc. but I’m too embarassed. Advice?

Is this stuff more common than I think


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If you've got something you want to talk about you may as well. It's what your paying for. Otherwise that's like buying a meal and sneaking out without eating it.


Apparently you're also intimidated by people of the same sex, like you're therapist.

She went to school for a long time for this sort of thing. She's a professional and won't judge you. In fact, she'll help you.

Just tell her how you feel

Just talk to her.
That's your therapist.

A therapist's job is to help you explore your problems.You set the agenda, they are there to offeryou emotional support and insight.A therapist is taught not to judge you no matter what you say.

Why would you be embarrassed? That's what therapists are FOR: to discuss things you may not be comfortable discussing in other contexts.

So, start by telling her that you're embarrassed to raise certain topics. She can help you begin to discuss them.

Silly...you are a girl....she is a girl...GIRLS can TALK. That IS why you go to a therapist.

You mean you were intimidated? It is embarrassing being intimidated or abused by the opposite sex but you can tell the therapist you feel embarrassed and she will not judge you. Being yourself is perfectly fine.

Start of using general terms, ask first if she

Minds as she may ok?

As her how she is with graphic terms first


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