What is the meaning of (all the very best ) is it correct Grammarly?

is it correct Grammarly?


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It is an idiom. Any native speaker would understand it.

Gramatically is odd, but that is because several words are omitted. The sentiment being something along the lines of "I wish you all the luck in the world"


Please learn the difference between parentheses ( )and quotation-marks "".

whether it's correct grammar depends on context

yes grammatically.
means "wish you good luck"for whatever your are doing.

Grammatically is the word you wanted. 'All the best' is a shortened way of saying "I wish you all the best" or, simply, "Best Wishes"

It means the best of good wishes that the sender or speaker has for the recipient. It is a grammatically correct phrase.

grammatically?it is shortened form of "all of the (very) best".It is not truly incorrect to speak about the very best, because best can refer to a group of individuals (act as a group noun), and some of those individuals, even if the best (compared to the not-group) are still even better than others within the "best" group.The idea of "best" is not as a superlative, but as a noun, the best.not best people, the best.The best of the best seems somewhat contradictory but it isn't, because best is not being used as an adjective.It would be equivalent to the bluest of the blue (which is fine), rather than the bluest of the bluest (which is not fine).

It means "I wish you the best of luck/good things/success in your life." On its own, as you have written it, it doesn't stand up to grammatical analysis.

Note that there is no such word as 'grammarly' in common use.

The expression "All the very best" is fairly frequently used, especially by older generations, to mean "I wish you a good life" and similar ideas. Possibly it is used more in the Britain than in the USA etc. It is simply one of the normal everyday farewell expressions.

This is a very common usage that is, however, not grammatically correct. Best is already a superlative; there can not therefore be a “very best." But it's used to emphasize the nature of being really good by adding a superlative to a superlative! Like a lot of people say, “I will give 110%.” You can not give more than hundred out of hundred...