Do you welcome Jehovah’s Witnesses at your door?




No,I do not and don't welcome anyone standing at my door holding a bible.

I used to when I had a door that they could knock on.

My door god posters keep them away.

No way.

I always have done. Yet for nearly 10 years, none of them have ever come to my door (that I know of.)
Can't think why they seem to be avoiding me.

They are GB puppets.
They can not criticize GB's mistakes.
If they criticize GB 's mistakes, they are disfellowshipped without any honor, it is as if the GB was Jesus Christ himself( 2 John 9-11) . But, WE KNOW THAT HE IS NOT JESUS CHRIST and either A spokesman of Jesus. So why can notthe the JWs , criticize GB's mistakes? Because of brainwashingwhich they suffer to continue to accept this contradiction as a "holy contradiction",..inquestionable ..

Absolutely.I've had a friend for about thirty years that is a Jehovah's Witness.I have another JW I'm getting to know who comes by my vehicle once in a while also. ( I set in my truck during lunch ).

They don't come to my door anymore ☹️