Why do people hate pitbulls and chihuahuas??? their the best dogs alive?


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Wow! I can't even believe some of these uneducated replies. Ignorance must be contagious. Let me start by saying I don't care for Chi's, because they are small, they serve no purpose in my life, they are generally pretty nervous dogs, they yap, and yap, and yap, OMG! Oh! My "Pit"bull would squash it. Next! To all of the uneducated..I have been around MANY American Staffordshires, (Pit to the uneducated) my entire life. My daddy would go to the dog fights, and buy the losers, as the owner was going to kill them anyway. He brought them home, cleaned them up, and found them beautiful homes. His favorite dog, was a ***** he brought home, from a fight. She was his badass little yard dog. We owned a ranch, so to say we had a plethora of animals, was an understatement. She was an awesome little bulldog though. I was a baby when he brought her home. She thought the sun rose and set in me. None of those dogs he brought home, never bit, mauled, or attacked us.
I hate ignorance! I also hate people talking about a subject, they know absolutely nothing about.
I am so glad my daddy raised those dogs around me and my siblings, and gave us a heart for them. When I was dating my husband, I told him, he had to learn to love bulldogs, or we couldn't get married. Oh! He also had to move to Texas..lol he loves our Am Staff ( Keeper) as well as ( Orphan) I fostered Am Staffs all of my kids lives. They lived in my home, until they got a family. My kids treated them like their siblings. In fact, I gave my children a heart for these dogs, and they now have them, for their children. Pretty awesome, huh!
Now let me get to the ignorant statement.." bred to be aggressive!" This is a lie, from the pit of hell! They are bred to hunt. They are no more aggressive than any other dog, if raised in a normal atmosphere. However, they are very territorial dogs. One of the awesome qualities about them. I will promise you if you come in my house uninvited, Keeper will eat your *** up. I am glad she will too. She definitely is not a people person..she also doesn't deal with stupid. If she thinks I am getting frustrated with somebody, or anxious, due to somebodys stupidity...she will give a low tone growl. I will put my finger on my lips, and she will hush. I don't have to say anything to her, for her to do something, she obeys hand gestures. This breed of dog is one of the most brilliant breed of dog, God created. BTW! Keeper is not the 1st dog that I have taught that way. They make excellent K9 dogs. They make excellent service dogs, although, they tend to be a bit hard headed. The right person working with them, can make them putty in their hand. So to the people that speak and don't know..you are the people who are causing millions of this breed to be euthanized every year. Stop believing everything the media feeds you. They lie!


well pit bulls were bred specificly for fighting so ya..just like some breeds will play fetch some breeds are very aggressive

I dont know much about about chi's but pitbulls are 1of the most misunderstood breeds. They are friendly, smart, loyal, funny, gentle, goofy and so full of personality!! There is no other breed that I could reccomend more. Before having pitbulls I had goldens and labs and it is the american pitbull terrier that has won my heart over through and through! My husband used to believe the only good pitbull was a dead pitbull, until he met one! Now he is an avid pitbull lover and rescuer!. If you broke into my home my dogs would kiss the crap out of you and show you where we keep the silver! But if someone ever tried to hurt me they would defend me and my children with their lives. I got sick and fainted and my dogs sat next to me until I came to with the Opie (my 100lb male) licking my face and whimpering and his sister Ellie barking to try to get help! These dogs are incredible with kids and people w/disabilities both physical and mental! I have 6kids and my APBTs are incredible with them!

No idea. I have a pit mix. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body. And anyone who says otherwise should meet her.:)

I have no idea.You would have to ask those people.

They're is a contraction for they are.

While you're looking up "they're," check on "there."

Another opinion from an illiterate person.

Both are the two most bred dogs.The pounds, shelters & rescues are chocked full of pits & Chi's.New Mexico has a massive amount of Chihuahua's cause of the strong Mexican influence & there are so damned many of them that the animal welfare department gather them from all over the state & they are shipped to large cities where little dogs are put up for adoption.The pits get euthanized cause there are just so many of them.BYBers are responsible for all of this.

I don't like the Chi's, they are too small.I don't like the pits cause they are totally untrustworthy.Two breeds I will never own.

Pitbulls are bred to he aggressive.Its in their DNA.

Chihuahuas are juat overbred to the point that they have horrid temperaments. They are yappy, nervous anklebiters who onky seem to be "great" to their delusional ownerd.

Hundreds of other breeds with work drives, great temperaments, and variois coat types...Chis and pits absolutly are NOT the best out there...They arent versatile enough or tempermentally stable enough to make that claim

They are loud, rude and dangerous

The first is mean, the second is annoying.

Oh, great, the two other dogs on my block!

Really, though, the chihuahuas are yappy and feisty. The pitbulls are know for being violent.

chihuahuas are annoying imo.all they do is yip and yap.and i think pit bulls are kind of ugly compared to other dogs.i’m more of a big floofy dog person.