How to drop all my classes?

Im already failing one of my classes and the homework is too hard for another class. I dont think college is for me. How to properly drop my classes? and will i get my money back?



No refund but drop the classes you’re failing?


This far into the semester I doubt it.See a tutor


Go to the register office and ask to officially withdraw from all classes. You are about 4/5 weeks into the semester. Chances are you will not get a refund.Do this ASAP. You want a W for withdrawal, not end up wiht F’s.

Go to the registrar's office & withdraw from school. No, you don't get a refund.

You can drop them but you will probably not get one penny back.

if ur class is hard or failing, get a tutor to help u.

Usually, you only get a small period of time (usually one week into the semester) to get a refund if you drop a class, and there's a cut-off point where you can drop the class and take the W instead of an F