Does it matter how much an engagement ring costs?

I'm gonna do the fake thing.I look at is as a test...if she gets it appraised? I don't want her to marry me anyway



No, but one should be frugal with his money.

If you don't want to marry her, you don't get her an engagement ring. That's pretty ignorant. If the ring is fake, it won't be TOO hard to tell. It doesn't matter what the ring costs - there are plenty of real, decent priced options. If you have no desire to truly marry her though, giving her an engagement ring is absolutely pointless. Why would anyone do that? Grow up and just tell her you're not ready to get married.

How stupid are you?No, it doesn't matter how much an engagement ring costs, but if you don't want to marry her, why are you planning to propose to her?Get off the drugs, dude.

An engagement/ wedding ring should be appraised for insurance purposes.Of course, that won’t be necessary since you say you’re going to buy a fake stone.

The diamond ring engagement was a giant marketing scam (although a very successful one, see De Beers marketing campaign of 1937), and men have been suckers ever since.Now that diamonds can be man-made in the lab, there's really no excuse to continue to fall victim of this scam.

It doesn't matter how much it costs but honesty does matter. People get things like engagement rings appraised so they know how much to insure the ring for. If you want to do the fake thing at least tell her the truth about it.

Of course not.But I don't think you understand why people get rings appraised.Its not to determine what its worth unto itself, but to know how much to insure it.But it doesn't matter because if you enter into marriage suspicious, you won't be married long.

If you don't want to marry her, why go through the charade of a ring? Why not just break it off and stop wasting each other's time.

You'll likely need to justify not spending stupid money.See if you can tell her that you'd rather save money for DP on a house or pay down student loans.You can get stupid for your 5 year anniversary. (Don't say "if we're still together)I fuggin' HATE buying jewelry!!I feel like fish that's had its guts pulled out.I think it would be easier to just put cash in the toilet and flush it.I wear a $100 watch and it's gotta last till I've got $500k in the bank.If I'd been born without nuts, I might think different.