Have you ever seen a show or read a book where a character had your name?


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Yes. My somewhat unusual name appeared on list of unsolved murders on a whiteboard in 'Homicide, Life on the Streets' I am happy to say it was erased before the end of the episode and the murderer brought to justice.


Lego Elves. The main character has my exact first and last name.

My real name is a very common one, but the name that most people actually call me has appeared (as far as I know) just once in a book by a well known author.

My last name was also that of a well-known actor of the 1930s.I was disappointed when I found out it was not his real name.No fictional character I have encountered has my real name.

yes, there's one on Broadway right now with my last name

Obviously there are a lot of Stevens, Stephens and Steves in fiction. One of the novels based on the TV series Red Dwarf had a character called Pemberton, though I don't think he was ever on the page. One of my critique partners asked if she could use my surname for a British character (the other characters were all American). I said yes, but I'm not sure if she actually used it.

Obviously. The name is fairly common.

That is, my pen name is fairly common.

However, my real name (that I haven't gone by since I left home over a dozen years ago because it's difficult for people outside of Ireland to spell and to pronounce), is so incredibly rare that I would be absolutely astounded to come across it in a work of fiction.

If your name were "Toirdhealbach", you'd likely be hard pressed to find an author willing to use it for a character.


It was rare, and I think I did, but it wasn’t the main character but one of their friends. And it was often that the spelling was different or it had a different first letter.

I was named after Lucy from Narnia. But I haven't read a book with many Lucy's in it