My electric stove caught on fire? It wasn’t on fire for long. Could I die from carbon monoxide poisoning?



You could die from being burned to death.Obviously fire produces CO, but in your case, exactly what was burning??Your brownies or muffins??

Electric heat doesn't produce CO.

What is happening there?

Are you playing a game with us??

p.s.Animal fat will burn if you heat it enough.Is that what happened?

An ELECTRIC stove doesn't produce CO. If you were exposed to a lethal dose of CO, you wouldn't remain conscious long enough to post the question.

NO because your still dead and the gas has dissipated.

Could you die from CO poisoning: absolutely.

But not from your electric stove being on fire.

Clean the thing once in a while and this won't be a problem anymore.

no death.grease fire isn't uncommon ... and strongly suggests poor cleaning after use -- cleaning needs to be done after EVERY use


Electric stoves do not run on NATURAL GAS.Therefore, NO.

Carbon monoxide comes from the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels. Not from electrical fires.

Open the windows sweetie.