True or false: a woman should stop trying to get pregnant around age 35 to 40?



False they can have one when they want

False.A woman can "try" to get pregnant at any age, up to the time she completes menopause.
Of course, if she gets pregnant and has a baby when she's 50, that means she's going to be at least 70 years of age before the child is 20.

That in itself should be a major deterrent to her wanting to "try" to get pregnant late in life. She would have to spend her 50's and her 60's trying to run after and raise a child to adulthood. Tires me out just to think about it. But, if that doesn't bother her, then she should go for it.


years ago women had kids earlier......those that got pregnate later were accidents

There is no absolute cut-off date in such matters. Much depends on societal attitudes where you live. Indeed the fertility of women becomes lower some time in their 40s, and finishes altogether at the menopause, usually late 40s. But Mother Nature never works to precise timetables.

Our three came along when my wife was 32, 34, 37.

Again?Really?This is a pathetic attempt to try to prove your point.

False - They can still have children - many older women have healthy children - they should just be aware of any health issues that they might have and they should consult a doctor to discuss their health and their risks before becoming pregnant.

Stop posting this stuff.

False. Women should make their own choices based on their own health and lifestyle.