If i disconnect my thermostat & the fan continues to run what is the problem?



fan limiter switch may be busted
the fan keeps on blowing till the heat exchanging chamber cools down ,,,
usually your thermostat maybe has the fan switch on,,should be off,,but triggered when the heat gets turned on

That thermostat is not controlling that fan, something else is, regards, Bob UK.

You disconnected something.

Sounds like a stuck contactor or relay.You'll probably want a pro to help you track that down.

With the information you have provided - which is to say, none whatsoever - there's no way anyone on the internet can begin to even guess precisely what your problem is.I've thrown out a couple possibilities, but that's not a diagnosis.Bring in a pro who can look at things as they are in person.

I'd look at a stuck closed relay as the problem.

Thermostats don't have electrical connections to disconnect jojo. Put the hood down so you don't get hurt.

it was never connected in the first place, thermostats are not generally connected to fans they are connected to boilers or heat sources or A/C systems

There is a shorted wire from thermostat to control board.

The problem is that the thermostat is disconnected.