Why is domestic violence on men ignored?



"Why is domestic violence on men ignored?"

Well I can think of a couple of reasons.

I mean first off, it doesn't help that women have an in-group preference, and men have an out-group preference.What this means is that while women will advocate on behalf of other women who are victims of domestic violence, men will typically not advocate on behalf of other men who are victims...particularly if those male victims have been victimized by women.

As Erin Pizzey discovered when she started up a domestic violence shelter for men...the same men who were only too happy to cut a check to support a women's shelter shunned even the thought of supporting a men's shelter.

Perhaps a bigger reason however is that feminism has largely guided our contemporary view of domestic violence...and the picture they have reinforced at every turn is one of female victimhood and male violence.

There's a reason the Duluth model lacks any support programs for male victims of domestic violence, even though we know that a substantial minority of those who self report as being victims of domestic violence are men.The reason is simple: feminists benefit from the narrative of women as victims and men as perpetrators!

Because of double standards and the fact that if a man was to call in crying that his wife abuses him he'd get laughed at and the cops would probably hang up.

BUT Let a WOMAN call in to the police station saying "My husband beat me" Those same cops will come to your house in literally 1 second and YOU BEST BELIEVE, rather you did it or not YOUR GETTING ARRESTED.

And if you have a good career or a good job you can kiss that goodbye and throw it out the window, then ON TOP OF THAT she divorces you and takes the house that YOU brought.

AND she automatically gets custody of the children that literally were birthed from your seed. PLUS with the abuse charges regardless if you are innocent or not you are going to jail and when the other inmates find out that you hit a woman, you are going to become there woman.

I encourage everyone to go on Youtube and look up a man named Tommy Sotomayor.

Messing with the modern day American woman = Jail or Hell.

Acknowledging men are victims, doesn't fit the feminist women victimization agenda.VAWA is based on the notion most DV is initiated by men which has proven to be false and that men can't be victims which is also false.

There is no reason to make DV about sex or gender.Victims are victims and perpetrators or perpetrators regardless of gender.Victims should receive help regardless of sex, but of course that doesn't fit the feminist agenda.Feminists want all the resources to be for female victims, not male victims.

In my view there should be no such thing as VAWA.Battery, regardless of sex was already a crime, a crime which was not defined as being sex specific. There is nothing in the legal definition of battery which says it doesn't apply to domestic situations.

Its not "ignored". It's just comparatively rarer. But maybe somemen are too embarrassed to complain about it.

because the society is feminazi

is it?

Subdue your woman. tie her up.

Then call the police

Because societal conditioning has taught us that men don't matter. Even though we built civilization and keep it running and functioning we supposedly don't matter. Since men don't matter why should anyone care if there are battered men? And if he is battered and hits her back in self-defense then he deserves the worst punishment the courts can render. I totally disagree with those ideals, a lot. If the world didn't have men then it would go dark a lot sooner than if there were no women. That's a fact.

Because of feminism

It's still hard for men to report violence and abuse and be taken seriously.