Was Trump wrong for tweeting that he probably works more hours than almost any other US presidents or no?

Trump tweeted:
The fact is, when I took over as President, our Country was a mess. Depleted Military, Endless Wars, a potential War with North Korea, V.A., High Taxes & too many Regulations, Border, Immigration & HealthCare problems, & much more. I had no choice but to work very long hours!
.......I am generally working, not relaxing. In fact, I probably work more hours than almost any past President”.



Washington and Lincoln are turning in their graves

No Trump is amazing

Just because you dislike our president does not mean you can disrespect what he has done for our Country. America was a wreck before he was elected and whether you like him or not he is helping the Country for the better.

LOL when has he EVER worked in his entire life?He had a billionaire egotistical father who gave him millions and showed him the business.No work about that.

That's just the way he talks. Exaggerated bragging is Trump's natural language. He just means that he is working hard.

You can tell how hard other US Presidents worked by looking at a photo of them from the day they took office and comparing it to another photo from when they left office. Apparently the job is so stressful that Presidents age about 4 times as fast as a regular person. A 1 term President looks about 10 years older on the day he leaves. A 2 term President looks about 30 years older. They worked hard, and no Trump was not right for tweeting disrespect about them.

More Trump BS

Trump is a habitual liar and is wrong about most things!

Delusional people say the darndest things, huh?

Always trying to concoct a reality about himself that isn't true...

Going by news today, it looks like this was in defense of the leaked schedule that showed 60% of his time is labeled as "executive time," much of which is likely leisure time spent doing whatever he wants... Like watching tv, tweeting, golfing... And what is paying for this? Our tax dollars.