Did you know hitler was a socialist?




In a way, yes. He took over the National Socialist Party of Germany and turned it into the Nazi Party - which was decidedly not a socialist party in that it seriously downgraded many groups of people which came within its ambit. Groups such as Jews, homosexuals, Slavs, gypsies.

You should look at the word "democracy" in connection with regimes in some countries which have/had the word "democratic" in their full names. Places such as North Korea and Eastern Germany in its communist days. All through history, people have distorted language for political purposes.

ohhhNow are you gonna say the USSR was not socialist, The imprisoned people, paid what they wanted, told people what jobs they were going to do, controlled everyones pay, and had health care for all... Sounds like what the Democrits want..

National Socialist German Worker's Party.... duh

The term National Socialist was invented by an American around the time Hitler was a school child.Francis Bellamy also was the author of the Pledge of Allegiance, and the so-called Hitler salute was the position he said the Pledge should be recited in.National Socialism is not at all the same thing as socialism.There are two main definitions of socialism, one Marxist and one used by normal mainstream economists:government ownership or control of land, labor and capital."National Socialism" goes way beyond that

"Did you know Hitler was a socialist?"

No, that would be a common myth believed by American right-wingers.

Just because the word "socialist" appears in the party name doesn't mean the Nazi's were socialist. Hitler appropriated the name so as to to attract more followers. The Nazi's were fascists, which is a right-wing ideology.

Nope. Hitler wasa member of the National Socialist German Workers' Party (aka the Nazis)."National Socialism" differs from actual socialism.The Nazis were actually very far right and fierce opponents of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (the actual socialist party) and German Communist Party.

Extremists on either side of the fence are not dissimilar.Totalitarianism is what it was about, the socialism was just a ruse to get there.It's the rule of law and ethical government that are important not the name brands.

Who cares?I find it much more important and something to take heed of, that he was a racist and mass (to put it mildly) murderer.