What is the likelihood of becoming pregnant if you are using birth control only (kind of)?

My boyfriend and I had gotten really into sex this morning. In the beginning we didn't use a condom, but I am on the pill and I take the pill at almost the same time every day. On Saturdays and Sundays I take it a little later than normal. So we put the condom on at a point close to the end and after he came he removed the condom and pressed the tip of his penis on my vulva, It was only for a moment and then we parted ways, but we laid there in bed for a while. I am worried I have an extremely high chance of pregnancy, what should I do?

The beginning of my last menstrual cycle was January 29th, Thank you for any feedback you guys can give me.

Am I overreacting?



If you take the pill carefully - even if you are occasionally a bit late - then you have a 1% chance per year of getting pregnant without pulling out or other protection.If you are using the pill and the semen was in the condom then its next to impossible for you to be pregnant even if he touched his penis against your vulva.The chances of pregnancy depend on how many sperm are present.Even if he had fully come inside you with no condom the pill would almost certainly protect you.

Don't have sex

The words "birth control" should say it all.

Why do you take birth control if you don't believe it works

The likelihood of pregnancy is about 1% which is the failure rate of the average birth control pill.

I don't really consider that a high chance of pregnancy.

As for what to do - nothing other than find the information that comes with your pills and read it.Understanding and trusting your pill will greatly help your peace of mind.

Pill is about 97% effective.

Yet another person who doesn't correctly know how to use birth control.Why would you think you are unprotected if you are on birth control?If you have been taking it for three months or more, you are protected from pregnancy.The condom is great to use if you are just in a casual relationship, but if you are with a long term partner, you should not really be that concerned.I think you need to read whatever pamphlet comes along with your bc pills so that you understand the actual risk.

The pill is 99.998% effective.The odds of you being pregnant if you really took it regularly are near zero.

the 'pill'is 99% effective ...........................................