Should the Bible be taken literally?




when Jesus says : don't believe when they tell u "christ is here, christ is there"

it means deceived christians during apocalypse were saying it when antichrist was flying very fast
from one place to the next (according to vyacheslav krasheninnikov). when this actually happened in the future?
maybe in a few years. we'll see; forgive me.

Only the dumber Prots take the Bible liberally. Leviathan, eg, is not a literal dragon.

I believe its all metaphorical, and more like a guide to what we should do, instead of those actual events happening. Think about it, why are the people called John etc, when they live in the middle east?

I believe in The Bible as a metaphor through which I express my religious convictions.

when good sense makes common sensemost certainly.There are many things written in the Bible we will never understand.Please leave the mysteries to God.He knows best.

According to 2 Timothy 3:16, 17 it shows that all scriptures is inspired of God beneficial for teaching, reproving, setting things straight, & disciplining in righteousness so that the man of God can be completely equipped for every good work.

More literally than most people think!

Literally speaking it should never be taken.

It is so very sad that so very many miss the vital truth that the Bible is to be read to hear God.

Whether you take it literally, as you put it, or not it will avail nothing except you hear Him.