What are some marketable skills and trades for a 24 year old woman with no kids and is willing to learn?


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Any medical technician is guaranteed a job over the next few years.



A trade like a plumber, or electrician would be good.Male dominated but always in demand. Nursing a good choice, with the aging of the baby boomers.

I know some very talented female electricians. The job pays very well and when women do it they seem to thrive. It's not hard work but you will need to be good at math and learn to read diagrams. There are many apprentice programs you could take advantage of or you could go to trade school. Both have advantages. I tried to talk my daughter into it but she wants to be an architect.

at your age, you should have some idea of what you like to do or are good at. figure it out from there.

Learn to be a truck driver.

Learn to code. Seriously

You could become a liberal hate-monger.Many liberals have no skills or abilities and this is how they make money to supplement their welfare.