Do you fancy the name Margitrude for a girl?

My husband and I spent many months trying to compromise between Margaret and Gertrude, both of our late grandmothers' names. Margitrude is the only thing both of us even remotely think about agreeing on. Thoughts?



Boy, that's an ugly combination.

The name Margaret means Pearl-How about Trudy Pearl?or Greta Margarita?
Margitrude reminds me of the word Magnitude! I don t like it at all, it sounds so made up!


Sounds like the most horrible combination of Margaret and Ermintrude.The sort of name which might be used for the evil girl in a child's story book.

NO. Omg.Its horrible.If you are at all serious about this its not going to go well for your child.Not only are both names hideously archaic, but they will almost certainly guarantee that your child is going to be the center of attention for bullies.

I think that's a lovely name.

Yes I do like the name Margitrude.


Think of your poor daughter having to be called that all her life

I don't like homemade names and this is one is really bad