Can someone explain the new abortion law in NY, Virginia, and New Mexico?

Doctors are from what I heard at church allowing abortions to be performed until right before birth. Why wait until then to abort the baby? That’s stupid and wrong.



The new crap says as long as they KILL the baby a split second before it takes its first breath outside it is legal... WE SHOULD ALLOW LATE TERM ABORTION TO THE AGE OF 18 in many cases..

The bill allows for a woman to choose to abort her pregnancy up to the point of birth, then slightly after. The idea is to help women who are having physical or mental health issues succeed by removing unnecessary burdens. At least, that's the liberal talking points.

The actuality of it is the logical end of allowing abortion. Since there is no magical point of development that liberals will pin down, this is just the next (logical) step in infanticide.

Hard to believe how stupid people are being about this. No doctor is going to perform an abortion right before birth on a healthy baby. The intent of the bill, perhaps badly worded, was to allow the termination of a pregnancy where the fetus had died in the late stages instead of forcing the woman to carry it any longer.

The Koran says that Muslims may lie to nonbelievers.Evidently the evangelicals believe that, too.Read the law and you will see it is NOTHING like the anti choice preachers are saying.When not exaggerating the Christians are outright lying, and no doubt justifying their dishonesty by claiming spititual truth.

The truth is that any and every foetus that is delivered in a viable will be incubated and given appropriate care, just as it always is.The allowance for late term babies is about nonviable cases where the life of the mother is at risk.This is not some kind of liberal genocide; it is about saving a life at the expense of an already unsaveable foetus.

The lies of the self righteous are so over the top here because they object to any form of birth control but abstinence, and would inflict their version of Sharia on free Americans.

Not so far.Some people are trying to expand abortions.But no laws have been passed yet.

up to the parents and doctor.

Maybe you should educate yourself and read this:

Here’s What I Want Donald Trump And Everyone Else To Know About My ‘Late-Term Abortion’

Only in cases of medical emergency. Believing the crappola being shoveled out by the conservatives is stupid.

Talking politics in church? Time to revoke the tax-exempt status of religious organizations