Is it okay to be 30 and living with your parents?

Assuming you work full-time as a CNA at a nursing home.

I always see articles about society being judgmental about grown men living at home, but was wondering about people's views on women.



Yes, as long as you are bettering and advancing yourself to move out at some point.
Whoever wrote, "the door is there once you turn 18 to move out.." sounds like an arrogant imbecile btw.

They could be carers for their parents
Grand parents

Nope it is ok to do what is best for you and what you have to.

It depends. At 18 I was living on my own, had a job and car. I was never sorry I did that. So, you have to decide for yourself.

My parents are European and it's not at all unusual to have a multigenerational household. My grandmother lived with us when I was growing up, and my 48 year old recently divorced brother just moved in with my parents while he figures out where he wants to live now that he no longer has to stay local because of his ex-wife's job.

Well I have a job and paying my way through school so that means I cant afford to leave alone. I don't think there anything wrong with leaving with your parents at 30yrs, in my culture a woman can leave with her parents until she gets married.

Nope, most people live with someone else anyway like a roommate.Your parents are no different than roommates just more trustworthy. I just hope you have a purpose in life and working on it. I'm 22 with my parents but I'm working on my GED so I can go to trade school and leave before I'm 30. Plus it's a headache on not being able to bring a woman to your place.

Only if there's a purpose for living at home.

The adage of 18 and out the door is there for a reason. A person should get stable on their own. Living by yourself (prior to marriage or whatever) can be a catalyst for establishing yourself as an adult in a way that living with your parents cannot.

Yes, it's okay. Don't let society boss you around. Besides wealthy families often live in the same house together.

I'm 26, Full time Job as a Design Engineer, Model, and I just became an IBO (independent business owner) partner with my girlfriend.

I still live with my mom, I save a ton of money, I share a room with my brother too. My mom doesn't mind me living with her, our house is a decent size anyway (about 3000 sf).I help around the house and pay some bills too.

It's a very smart thing to do. Why live on your own if you don't have too? I save 800-1200 bucks a month not having a "place of my own".