Why if feminism even a thing when women actually have more rights than men do anyway?

Women have all rights that men do.

They also have the "right" to murder their unborn child while men have absolutely no say in what happens to their unborn child.

As far as I'm concerned, women have more rights than men do. Literally.



No matter how many advantages feminists win for women, they can always win more.

Its the womans body, of course you have a say, butif she does not want to carry a baby inside of her,then its her right not to, would you like to be forced to carry a child inside of you,of which it may even kill you during birth?

Your statements are very biased, I am a woman and I dont stand for half of what "feminists" do or say,I think we should all have equal rights,and fair treatment, thats what I stand for. Many men seem to think every woman is a feminist,or when there is an issue where perhaps the woman WAS unfairly treated, etc,its all made to be "Feminism" when its the truth, saying that,it doesnt mean MEN dont get treated the same way, the media seems to try and make this "feminism" thing worse.

Woman who hate men,and arent for equal rights on both sides are wrong,but people who hate on all womanly rights for it, and call "feminism" on everything only create a war that should not exist.

Update: maybe **** someone who actually wants kids.

Do you even CARE how dumb you sound?

It seems that way for sure but people will never accept that, people like to play the victim so they will always act hurt even if things are even. They will always push that women need to be given more jobs and a higher wage. They want to be treated as if they are still set back. I know that men don't treat them well all the time but there are people who will always be like that. There are always bad people but that doesn't mean that every man is bad.

You MRA/red pill/"Men going their own way that won't actually GO" types are ridiculous. Just leave women and the rest of sane humanity alone already. The main thing your lot really want is a victim card and you twist stuff in such absurd ways to try to prove that you have one.

Men have the right to control over their bodies. If they want to have a vasectomy to avoid having children, they have every right to do so. They make their own decisions about what goes on with their bodies, and what procedures they have. Women just want that same right.

Feminists hate the idea of women having their own point of view. They want all women to believe ONLY what the feminist movement tells them

If you shot your sperm in a woman who is committed to having an abortion, that is just as much your doing. Grow up and learn to take some responsibility... and stop thinking with your d!ck

democrats are fighting really hard to give women the right to murder children outside of the womb.