Why do atheists get mad at Christians for saying "Atheists have no souls" when they don't even believe in the concept of "souls" anyway?



There is one god,
he is the only creator of everything in this univers, that's all.

we dont care about your stupid beliefs

Different people have different definitions for the word "soul". I'm not sure but as an example, I don't think that the book, "Care and Feeding of Your Soul" has anything to do with the idea that a human has a real thing called a soul that will either go to Heaven or to Hell dependenty on a judgment by God.

Great question!I've also heard Atheist tell people to go to hell but they're not supposed to believe in heaven or hell.I believe it was on TYT where all of them are supposed to be Atheists, the woman on the show said "There's a special place in hell for women that voted for Trump".

First.... demonstrate that a soul is actually a thing.Don't assert it, demonstrate it.Then we can have a conversation.

One said that to me a couple years back. My response was, I have many and use them every day. The Christian then sad, I mean a spiritual soul. Then I said, I see no use in the comedy of Christianity.

They are naturally funny. LOL!

That literally never happened.Atheists know souls are fictional.

Lying for Jesus I suppose.

people have souls.
clones have no souls (demons live inside clones).
well... most people are possessed (so demons live inside most people),
but question was about "no souls" which would refer to clones, right? forgive me