POLL: will you ever stop using yahoo answers?



When I die , yes. BUT If there is a way to haunt this site im doing it.

for longest time i did 6 year go when i for got my old email password ugh!!!

I haven't use Yahoo Answers for a long time but came back. I'll stop using it whenever I'm bored of it

Yes eventually I will get bored of it

Hopefully. It is a time waster.

Maybe one day again. I've already quit for 5 years once.
Will be less active come Spring and Summer, but for now I'm here to stay.

When I decide to!!!!!I don't use this site much any more!!!!!!

I don't plan to, but I will say, some users here can be irritating... Before I offend anyone I'm talking about the ones who just type letters or whatever so they can get two points and don't even bother to actually answer the question. That's why I did take a break from here for a while, and I still don't use this site as much as I used to.

I'm sick and tired of trolls impersonating me!