How would you make this plot become a book series? About a boy (He's a elf) that's too weak in front of all the society of warriors?


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That's not a plot, it's a premise. Before you worry about writing a series, worry about writing one compelling book, with a strong narrative and character arc. Leave some loose ends or have some minor characters whose own stories might be interesting, or leave room for another story on a grander scale. (The characters win a battle in the first book, but there's still a war to fight.)

Publishers won't offer to publish the rest of the series until they've seen the sales figures for the first book, so the first one needs to be able to stand on its own in case there aren't any more. If you plan on self-publishing, the first book still needs to be able to stand on its own, because readers are used to series working like this. (They want to be able to try out a series without having to commit to buying all the books just to find out how the story ends.)


Start and complete one story and then, maybe you can write more.You start off by saying it is about a boy and then you say he is an elf.The two are not the same.I would suggest that IF you want to write you take classes in creative writing.You need to learn what a a plot is and how to develop characters.Don't be concerned about a series, until the first book is published and you are offered a contract for a series.

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Write a story first, then you can think of expanding it.

1) A society of warrior elves kinda goes against the trope.

2) We're gonna need more than that. What are the stakes? Is he trying to fit in or stand out? Is anyone sympathetic/empathetic to his situation? Is he going to be exiled, executed, made cannon fodder, or generally ignored?

3) This is too vague to really be all that useful as a basis.

I would say have him be part of a tribe of warrior elves, and he is the only weak one in the tribe. He is sometimes bullied and he cannot defend himself but one day he s running away from the bullies when he falls down a hole (or something else),where he meets a warrior deity that promises to give him strength and warrior skills, but in return must do a favor. He agrees and makes the deal, but later finds out that he has to do (something, something bad like murder a family member or go on a quest), and he refuses. This brings bad consequences.

Series #1 - Elf, messes up and learns karate
Series #2 - Elf starts being confident
Series #3 - Elf becomes Elf the Champion

There is no plot here, as others have said. All you have is an idea that will need considerable work. Work is what real writers do, regardless of what their native language is.

There IS no plot here, you just listed a physical characteristic , not a plot.

A plot describes a storyline from beginning to end..

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By thinking of a series of stories showing his growth and development.
Also I would work on my English: you mean 'an' elf.