My family keeps disturbing me when all I’m trying to do is study in my room?



The game is to get you to play their game. Don't be tempted. Act, don't react.
Headphones? Earplugs? Develop extraordinary concentration?

Put them on the roof

Could you put a DO NOT DISTURB - I AM STUDYING note on your door

Good luck. My mom was always doing this. I like to study at the dining room table and she just would keep disturbing me too much.
Try announcing you are going to study and will be done in an hour for a short break please wait to then. Put a sign on your door. Try to keep your temper and say the exact same thing to them when they do disturb you. I am studying can you wait until I take my break.

Good luck. I never could get my mom to stop. At least she didn’t come up to my room much. But I hated to have to retreat there and hide out.

Give them a reason or go to the library, etc


Ask them to quiet down so you can study

tell them you are doing homework

tell them to go away