Do you believe Hillary Clinton should be tried for her crimes or is she above the law?



Let it go already.Jeez!


show me theproof...facts, not what you believe...


The Clintons have lots of practice at running out the clock on statutes of limitation

They actually should investigate her and stop just claiming there is nothing there.. WE ALL KNOW SHE AND BILL SHOULD BE IN PRISON...


This isn't going to save Trump.

I believe that the number of Congressional investigations, spending endless hours and untold millions of our tax dollars, would have turned up some evidence if Hillary Clinton had actually committed a crime.The full power of the government has been used to examine her every move for the last quarter century and she has been cleared, reluctantly and repeatedly, every time.

I also believe that anybody who cannot accept this much evidence and continues to insist Hillary Clinton is a criminal is in need of psychiatric help.Talk to your doctor about these feelings and see if Seroquel is right for you.