Why do we let old people and genetic disease use up all of our healthcare money?

Old people and people with cancer use over 75 percent of our nations healthcare.Old people contribute nothing to society and cancer comes from weak genes.. can’t we just give these people a suicide pill and call it a day?If you say no, you’re a lib SJW.



because they are human beings, and they have every right to live and receive treatment just as you and I. they deserve respect and the opportunity to live as long as possible, and if health care and treatment extends that, they have every right to it.

By the time you’re “old” and eating up somebody else’s healthcare dollars,hopefully physician-assisted suicide will be as available nationally as recreational marijuana will be. When your miserable life progresses to that ripe old age, we’ll be happy to pay for your “suicide pill”. It’s on us.... And you can go out in glory like your Fuehrer did in the bunker with Eva at the end of the war....something to look forward to, right?


Like, how hard is that to understand? Everyone pays for their own healthcare, no more problems. Your problems are your problems, my problems are my problems. This universal healthcare is where all the problems come from.

you are a genuine POS!

"our healthcare money"?When did it become "our" money?It belongs to those who bothered to work and earn it.I bet the entire concept of "earning" is totally lost on your ignorant backside.

Those old people who "contribute nothing" are the citizens who made America great, you selfish pile of troll dung.Do you think your roads built themselves?That your teachers made sure you learned to read and write for free because of your innate greatness?Why didn't we let your mother abort you?

the whole premise of the question is immoral...what is the next step? Should the old and infirmed be killed off because they are no longer an economic asset to a capitalistic society? So, if you are 23 or around there and are injured to a point that requires medical help well beyond your means, you should be killed off for the sake of money...you are a financial liability on society and not a producing asset...why should you be taken care of by society when those past retirement who need help should not get it...what makes you special?

Did it occur to you they worked their entire lives and earned it? But you are so presumptuous as to think it is YOUR healthcare money? Plus it sounds to me that you are a hateful miserable person to even troll like this. I actually feel sorry you have such an empty life.

Let's just pretend it's your turn now, then you won't have to pay anything any more.