My BF of six years said that my job is to cook, clean, work a little bit and have sex with him. That’s “my job” when we move in together.?

How does that sound???



house wife material lol

Interesting privileges he expects, so he suggests the reward for you is to be kept, like a pet, and sexual entertainment, at his benefit. If he doesn't put you in orbit now, in every way, why would you expect it living together.

That should be every woman's job. Women were born to be submissive.

it’s not your “job” at all. you can be an independent woman and still maintain a healthy and loving relationship.

Well that sounds like a good deal since he’s providing the majority of the income. You should do what he says. Afterall he’s the man in the relationship. Why don’t you start acting like the woman.

I will sugest what you already is the solution....Kick him ouof your life

Kick him into touch

Sounds like you need to run away from him asap

What the rest of the world believes/thinks doesn't matter. What does matter is what you think/believe.. Do you want a faithful friend/husband who is good to you and is your equal in all the ways that make a marriage? Or do you want a task master who has a collar and a leash waiting for you?
It's your call lassie!
Ive been married 30 years and my wife's job has never been to cook, clean, and have sex with me.
We both contribute equally to our marriage and she is no less important than I am!