Why do people get so angry at farts?

If someone has a belch and needs to pass gas why let that person suffer? Why not let him just release it? The smel doesn’t even last for 30 seconds yet everyone acts like a total b*tch when someone farts? What’s the deal?



Cause they stink

I think it depends on where a person is when they fart. Outside is okay, but not in an enclosed space, like the kitchen or dining room.


My pit - lab mix used to scare herself when she farted...then she would be embarrassed...then mad if we laughed... farts were a good form of entertainment, except they reeked and would make your eyes water.

You posted in the pre-school category - at that age, I don't think children would be able to control it.

It s just a unpleasant thing. Gotta fart, go to the bathroom...

Because of where they come from & the smell. I think they’re funny, but I’ve got a gross sense of humor too.

Your ability to smell is based on small particles attaching themselves to special sensors in your nose. When you smell someone's fart, there is actual fecal matter going inside of your nose. That is why people get so offended by it.

Go relieve yourself in the bathroom, pig.