Should men have reproductive rights too?

Or should reproductive rights be for women only, with men only having reproductive responsibilities?


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As Jeffrey said, men have no involvement once told by their SO she is pregnant.

Oh wait, the problem is that’s totally false.Men typically don’t get women pregnant and simply walk away with no further thought or responsibility.Men who get women pregnant are fathers and this bringswith a lot of responsibilities, including providing for that child either voluntarily or via mandated child support.Jeffrey may be right that most fathers don’t pay child support but that’s because most fathers stick around to raise their kids.

Anyone with any objectivity can understand giving only women rights for which men share responsibility isn’t fair.



A man should have the right to abort an unwanted pregnancy. A man should have the right to refuse to support an unwanted child.

There is no such thing as an "accidental" pregnancy. Women know from age 12, or so, that unprotected sex WILL result in pregnancy.Insisting that it's "safe", or lying about contraception should be a criminal offense. It should be a felony with serious jail time.

I think they should. Like if a male wants a kid he should be able to get one. But alas he’s not allowed. But I guess until artificial wombs are available. Then he’d be able to have one without any female. I’d like that actually. I’d like a few kids but I know females don’t like me. And I’m not willing to change to please them either so eh 🤷🏼‍♀️ want to take Plan B pills?
Go ahead. Who's going to stop you?

Meaning, a man should have a right to inseminate any female he wants? I'm sorry, but women carry a much greater biological burden than men do. Pregnancy and childbirth can be lethal - inseminating someone is never lethal. Men and women are not the same.
The current whining about male responsibility is just that, whining. In the past, men were proud to be fathers. If you don't want to be a father, use birth control.

reproductive rights to do what?

men have the right to geta vasectomy, or use a condom.

No men ever died giving birth, so if a man can't find a woman willing to take that risk for HIS kid, he doesn't get a kid.

Yes they already do have the choice for a vasectomy, wearing 2 condoms or abstaining.Beyond that, they have no rights to choose whether a woman choses to end the pregnancy or not.

However, I do believe that if men feel so strongly about not becoming parents, perhaps they should get their female sexual partners to sign a legal document, agreeing that any unwanted pregnancies, should end etc, if they feel that strongly about it!

No.Actually, they shouldn’t.Because they do not truly have to have any involvement once told by their SO, girlfriend or wife that she is pregnant.They can simply say “whatever” if they choose or decide to be involved.And everyone complains about child support but we all know that you do not HAVE to pay child support.And many don’t.

They do, they have the right not to put it in, in the first place.