How to get pregnant fast ?

Married since 2 month and intercourse daily but wife is still not get pregnant..


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A healthy couple can take 12-18 months to conceive so 2 months of trying really isn't that long at all, the average time is around 9 months of trying and if your wife had been using any kind of hormonal birth control it may take a while for her fertilty to return depending on the method used.

Even if that wasn't the case there is nothing abnormal about your situation, the only answer is to keep trying and if she isn't pregnant after 12 months it would be reasonable to consider a visit to a doctor where usually the first thing to be checked is sperm count and then they would talk about tests for your wife if that came back as healthy.

It's still early days though and you can't rush these things, it's all a matter of letting nature take it's course, some people believe that it is better to have sex every other day because it increases sperm quality but aside from that the only other thing you could do is buy some ovulation prediction kits, she just needs to pee on a stick and they can be useful in pinpointing her most fertile times but if you are already having plenty of unprotected sex then I very much doubt that you are likely to be missing them anyway.


This is great information

Figure out when you ovalate and have sex then also do it doggy style it increases the chance of getting pregnant.

Itall depends on how fertilethe woman isand how highthe mansspermcount is , usually 12/18 months But I fell pregnant after 2monthsanI have fell pregnantafter 3 years , so ..... good luck

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First of all, make sure she wants a baby.She might be taking birth control pills.

Second, just keep trying.It takes the average couple six months to one year before they actually become pregnant.

If you try for a full year and still no pregnancy, then see a fertility doctor to discuss possible fertility issues.One or even both of you might have a fertility problem.

Maybe you are firing blanks Carlos? It happens. Keep at it and if no luck in, say, six months you should both see a doctor.

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