My parents are extremely upset with me because I'm pregnant?

I am 24 and have been with my boyfriend for 6 years. We have a nice apartment together and make good money. Even when the baby is here we will be able to keep saving for a house. They are mad because they think we are too young (he is 26🙄) but we are both really excited. They have no interest in giving me a baby shower. When my boyfriend asked they said other people shouldn't have to buy us gifts when we don't deserve them.
On the other hand my boyfriend's family is extremely excited and they are helping me with the nursery and his mom and aunt are giving me advice because I am honestly scared of labor pain. I am due July 18th. I just feel like being pregnant with your first baby should be a happier time than it feels like right now.


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Your parents are going to miss out on a beautiful child then, hope they turn around when the baby arrives.Glad you have help and advise from his side though.


You are not some homeless girl that got knocked up by a one night stand. You are a working couple in a committed relationship who live together.

Reading between the lines, I imagine that your parents are not too keen that you are living with a man and are having a baby out of wedlock.

In any event, you are very lucky to have the support of his family when your family is turning on you.I can see how this would upset you and I would be upset also.Howsoever, once your baby is born, your parents will probably forget about the stigma they placed upon their thought process about you having a baby. Your baby is going to be their grandchild, for goodness sake!!

Remember, inasmuch as it takes 9 months for a baby to grow, it takes just as long for your body to prepare itself for childbirth. Both you and your baby are simultaneously preparing for birthing, so as each day passes, your body and the baby is getting more ready for childbirth.I am not going to lie to you, child birth does hurt.Taking lamas classes does help, a least it did for me.One moment you will be in pain and then suddenly you will experience the miracle of birth and poof, the pain instantly ends as if it never happened.I was amazed how my body reacted to child birth and when the baby was born, the labor was gone.Remember, if labor was SO horrible, no one would have siblings!!! LOL.

The great thing about lamas classes is that you learn breathing techniques that you can use for the rest of your life.I was once seriously injured and instinctively, I remembered that my breathing could help me through the agony before I was able to get medical help. During times of stress or anxiety, I also used breathing techniques to infuse my body with oxygen, helping me calm myself down.

no. they dont deserve any thought. he seems to really care about you, and if they dont, that is their loss :)

they should be becuase there gonna have a grandson or grand daughter gl

You can only live for yourselves, and at your ideal ages, a baby can be wonderful, so restrict your parents having any right to complain, and get married. It doesn't have to be a big deal, take a trip to Vegas, and don't tell your parents until it's water under the bridge, and you no longer have their last name.

And the question is

Ok thanks for letting us know

You are not entitled to a baby shower. Be thankful for any help. I had three kids, no one gave me a shower for any of the babies. And lots of negative comments. Ignore them. Find good supportive people that will help the two of you grow as a couple & family.

It must be awful for you to have your parents not sharing in the excitement of your pregnancy and future child but you are in a stable relationship, you have a home and can financiaaly support yourselves and the baby so in all honesty you don't really need their approval, of course it would be nice to feel supported emotionally by them but you are an adult and so is your boyfriend so this is not something they have a right to be upset about.

Maybe your boyfriend's family or your friends will be happy to arrange a baby shower for you, I live in the UK and although they do exist here now they are less common but I know they are very significant events in other places so if your parents wont do it then perhaps others will or you could completely go against tradition and have a gender reveal party instead which wouldn't be asking for gifts, you could specify this too and would still celebrate the pregnancy.

I'm not entirely familiar with the etiquette of these things but I'm sure there are ways around it if you are creative enough and hopefully as your due date gets closer your parents will be more accepting and even welcoming over their grandchild but if not it's their loss, don't cut them off but stand firm because they may even realise that by showing rejection towards your child they are pushing you away too, few mothers will maintain a satisfactory relationship with anyone who refuses to accept their child family or not.

You're not too young.Being 24 in a stable relationship and finacially secure sounds like an ideal situation.But even if you were penniless and 15 your parents should support you.

Is it really your age or is it because you aren't actually married to the father of the baby.

They are the ones missing out.Do your best to ignore their issues and embrace the help you are getting fromyour boyfriend's family.It sounds like you are at a good point in your life to have a child.