Why won't trump show his taxes. what is he hiding?


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Considering his unmitigated in-your-face corruption , his public admission of obstruction of justice , immoral abuse of power and absolute absence of any credibility , one must conclude that whatever is being hidden in his tax reporting must be nothing short of utter destruction of his narcissistic andtyrannical agenda.


He would be a damn fool to allow the likes of Pelosi and Schumer to pick them apart and put them back together to prove THEIR agenda.Honestly I doubt the normal go to H & R Block prepares my returns person would even know what the hell they are seeing that unknowing also includes the afore mentioned two damn idiots!

Would you want to show your private matters to the public!!!!!!!

Whole lotta Ruskie dealings

I think he used some tax loop holes witch everyone with his wealth does and it’s not illegal, but the media would have a field day

He probably paid a few dollars in taxes and that would not look good. It has already been revealed he and his family have for years employed various illegal methods to hide their assets, such as money laundering, phony foundations, etc. He learned well from Daddy.....

There's a few reasons I suspect.One is he's not paying taxes period and/or dodging them and that's a felony.Two is he's not worth nearly as much as he says he is and he doesn't want people to know how much he's a actually worth.Three is his ego.He believes what he does is nobody's business.That's my guess on all that though.

He must be hiding his taxes.

Are Cocaine and Hookers tax deductible?

His taxes live in your head

Dont worry. We will show them for him...