White noodle thing coming out of my cats but, it is moving. ewww what do I do?



It needs worming.Take it to the vet.Put the worm in a ziplock and show the vet, so he can prescribe the appropriate worm medicine.

if your cat is an outdoor cat then it most likely is snacking on mice, rabbits, birds or other rodents, so in a couple of months or the next year the cat will get worms again.I am not sure if there is a worm season or if its throughout the year, it seemed like every spring our cats got worms.Our cats once brought home a snake and a fish, with assorted mouse butts on our front step. One even brought us a live baby rabbit, even brought it in the house for us.

Go to the vet, it has worms and needs treatment, you can catch them too so be careful when changing it's litter box, wear gloves and wash your hands after you touch the cat.

VET.It's a worm - tapework, hookworm or roundworm.

Stick it back in the front end.

Either its a tapeworm or a roundworm.Take your cat to the vet to be checked and treated for the type of worm(s) it may have.Don't use the over the counter wormers - most are worthless and some are toxic.

Your cat has worms take him to the vet asap

It’s a worm. You probably shouldn’t eat it.

Off to the vet for worming tablets.