There are many spiders in my room ? what should i DO?



Put screens on your windows.

There is a product called "Home Defense".It is an indoor bug spray that is sprayed around the perimeter of your room.It dries in 5 minutes and is safe for you and your pet when dry.

So, clean your room first and then spray.It lasts 3 months, so mark your calendar to spray every three months.

Don't kill them, it is a bad luck. Catch most of them and just let them go outside.
I'm not joking! :)

Call for an exterminator

First, go to a hardware store and purchase some bug "bombs".You might get enough for two sessions of this. Next, get your clothes out of the closet and out of your room.Take them outside and shake them to get rid of any spiders in them. Be sure to empty clothing drawers and take everything into another room.Shake everything out that was in those drawers, as well. Then, spread some newspapers on the floor and place a couple of the bug "bombs" on them.Be sure to read the directions carefully.Have some old rags or towels ready to block under your door when you exit.Set off the bug "bombs" and get out of the room immediately.Take care not to breathe in any of the fumes.Block your door so fumes can't escape under it.Wait about an hour and then go back in.Throw away the empty canisters and the newspapers.Then go around and sweep up any dead spiders.Clean any spider webs out, and then clean your room thoroughly.Don't re-hang your clothes or put anything in drawers until you've cleaned everything up.Then, don't let it get in such a mess again.

Clean away all the spider webs from the room, under the bed, and in the closet.

Aerosol bomb the room, then a real cleaning wiping down every surface and washing every fabric. Then spray along the base boards with a good insecticide.

We set off bug bombs in my house biannually and that helps take care of the spider issues. Just make sure no pets or people are left in the house when the bombs go off. Another option is to set out spider traps- sticky pieces of paper that sit on the floor. We have spider traps in our basement and they are always filled. It's disgusting, but it's better than having them chilling in my basement. Another option for you is to do a spider barrier around your house. It comes in a big jug and you walk around spraying the outside of your house with it- my coworker does this twice a year and swears by it. Good luck!

Start stomping

Probably have to resort to cleaning under your bed, in the closet, and so on. Use a vacuum hose on the spiders.