What do you think of the name Eugene Simon for a boy?



Eugene Simon is kind of an old fashioned name for a little boy right now, but I don’t see why not?

Go for it!


Its okay

I love the name Eugene Simon.

It's a classic.Also like Elliot and Edward, with Simon as the middle.

Nope, it doesnt appeal to me at all.

I think I would like Simon Eugene better.

I like Gene for a boy. It's handsome and grown up. Eugene on the other hand, isn't. It just sounds unfortunate. Not even in the cute old boy bracket, that seems to be very of the moment. It's not a name I'm a fan of. Simon isn't good or bad. It's inoffensive to me, don't hate it but don't love it. Much prefer the female versions of both names, Eugenie/Simone.

Very classy.