How to tell neighbour there cat has been living with me for 6months?

I have spoken with them before but that was when the cat visits were regular but could be varied.
Now it has become clear the cat spends most of its time here despite being free to return home whenever.
I haven't reached out to them in a while so I feel guilty.
And the cat is so happy here I don't want to suddenly shut him out, if thats what you were gonna suggest. Best way to phrase it/tell them?



LmAo keep that cat

Just be straight with them! Tell them the cat has decided to move in with you and if they want it back then come and get it! Cats are like that you know.

Don't tell them.The cat has chosen who it wants to be with.Keep it happy.The cat is who is important here, not the people who neglected it, or were mean to it, or maybe didn't feed it regularly.

You sound like a real asswipe.

If you don't want the cat,and sounds as if that not the case,leave it out and quit feeding it. Otherwise,don't worry about it.

Be honest.Let them know the cat is over your house all the time and you wanted to know if they wanted him back or can you just keep the cat.Obviously, if the cat has not gone home for awhile, they don't miss him because they would have been looking for him or asking you about him.

But you cannot just keep the cat and say nothing.If they don't want the cat, let them know you will be happy to adopt him.Then keep him inside, give him shots/neuter and chip him in your name.

I would say nothing.

Don't feel guilty.Cats that are allowed outside often make friends with other humans. If you plan on adopting the cat, though, you should definitely tell them. You might feel them out. "Hey,your cat is really friendly. If you ever want to find him or her a new home,I'd love to adopt him."

Say nothing until they ask about the cat.

Do you think they care about the cat if they haven’t asked about it in 6 months.