POLL: What's the stupidest thing you did in high school?


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My friends and I stole some road signs and diverted all the traffic from the major road our school was on into the quadrangle middle of the school during peak hour. We caused major traffic issues through the Eastern of Sydney.
It was funny watching people drove through the school grounds with confused looks on their faces until the police showed up. Luckily we got away with a strong warning.
We did make the evening news!!!


stupidest thing would be not appreciating the opportunities to be schooled. now that im 25 and have to work for money, school is the best thing in my life.

I accidently swore in front of the principal

Can't really think that I did much that was not par for the course.

Too many things to compete for number one, but unlike most people, I'm ashamed to say what stupid things I did. I know. That's enough. I would recommend avoiding doing the stupid things.

Not dropping out of that hellhole.

I went... lol. For a while, anyway (a yr or so).

Things got much better for me after I dropped out.

Super stoned, climbed a grain elevator to be closer to the stars.

home study-school at home

Your mom