Did slave owners sleep with their slaves?



Does a bear crap in the woods?

Almost certainly.Thomas Jefferson is a perfect example.

Yes. Many raped them.

A lot of slave owners fornicated with their female slaves, the slaves became pregnant and had the slave owners' children. It explains the diversity of skin colors in African Americans today.

I'm not sure if any of the sleeping between the slave owners and their slaves were consensual.

No, they raped their slaves.

often some even became concubines or wives, have you read the books of the law in the old testament. It is not like slavery suddenly started with the sugar or the cotton industry

Very recently Henry Louis Gates a major genetic genealogy researcher announced that he has YET to find a single African American with ZERO European dna.


Many did.The earliest mixing of the races in the US colonies and later in the states occurred from masters impregnating their female slaves.