How do we stop people from having sex. It's evil.?



That air under the bridge is not healthy for you because it is causing you to have insane thoughts.

If everyone stopped having sex, the human population would consist of test tube babies and there would be A LOT of angry and sexually frustrated people in the world.

No can do.

How exactly is sex evil? It's righteous.

You don't. Sex is not evil.As long as they aren't harming anyone, everyone is a consenting adult, someone's sex life is no one else's business.

Do you mean promiscuity ?Yes I believe itis very wrong.For a start it can kill you (AIDS). I have always believed that, even apart from God and morality, Mother Nature has her rules and if you deviate from them.... Mother will kill you or make your species extinct, Promiscuity ?No problem.Those who remained loyal to their partners (in marriage or not) survive whereas promiscuous people were executed (AIDS)

Get them married

They need to be able to resist temptation

You can stop yourself from having it. Good luck stopping everybody else

You create a deadly disease, like AIDS, which the govt did under Reagan, to kill off gays and stop people having sex. Then allow big pharma to charge thousands for a little squirt of medicine.

abstinence is key