Should I be worried? My dog ate a little piece of bacon that fell on the floor as I was eating dinner.?



it bad for them take him to the vet and get him checked out

The only thing I would b worried about is the dog waiting in front of your seat everytime u eat now lol. The only things that I have heard that are bad for dogs is chocolate onions and grapes. Grapes is only because they could choke on them easily so if they get one its not a problem

My dog would have been in trouble years ago.

No lol dogs are made to eat meat, a piece of bacon wont kill it

Why is the dog in the dining room while you're eating in the first place?

Seriously?Pure meat is far better than that grocery store kibble made mostly of corn you're surely feeding it.

That's harmless.If he ate a whole package then that much fat would be concerning, but one little piece is insignificant.

i dont think so, if you are ask your vet, ive seen dogs eat pizza before

It's totally fine.