Is it legal to hunt stray cats?

There are some stray cats that are always running around the park near my house that I'm pretty sure don't have any owners, and they're really a nuisance. I was wondering if it's legal to hunt them as game? Thanks!



Call animal control instead. They are feral cats and no hunting them would be cruel.

Why would you shoot cats? If you lived in Asia i think I would get it (Asia eats cats and dogs), but if you lived in the U.S then its probably really illegal. And why would you hurt such poor innocent creatures?

Call your local authorities or animal shelter for your answer.

It’s illegal and animal abuse. Please don’t hurt cats or any other animal. What’s the point in shooting them?? Just because they’re a nuisance you’re going to end their lives?? This planet is their home as much as it’s yours.

depends on the law where you live,and even if legal you have to worry about someone making a cruelty complaint about you. easiest to just use a live trap and release them near the mayor's house if the shelter wants to charge you to drop them off.

Where *I* live, its legal to shoot cats on my property..And I do.

However..You say you are by a park, which implies that you live within city limits...Im sure there are laws regarding using firearms or other weopons.

Your option..Set up live traps on your property and haul any cats you catch off to the pound.

You shouldn't even if it is legal, they're hungry and need to eat, not having a home isn't their fault

i dont think so, nnaybe you should take thenn to the aninnal shelter so they can get adopted out

It's still considered animal abuse. If it were me I still wouldn't risk it