Girl name?

Sophie Jeanette Ashford - does this sound like a strong female name?



Sophie doesnt flow well with Jeanettewhereas Sophie Jean does! It has a better "ring" to it if yo know what I mean!

I assume that "Ashford" is the surname.

Sophie is too common and Jeanette is hideous. It doesn’t flow

I like it

Yes, i like it

Very nice

No. Instead name her Jenette Vasquez Ashford, assuming Ashford is her last name.

You'll have named her after the Aliens character Pvt Jenette Vasquez who was portrayed by actress Jenette Goldstein.

Pvt Hudson: Hey Vasquez. Have you ever been mistaken for man?

Pvt Vasquez: No. Have you?

Okay, but seriously now. Sophie is not a name I would consider to be a "strong female" name. Sophie is like a nickname for Sophia, which isn't much "stronger" sounding. Names don't mean anything. Give her a name you like and don't think about how "strong" sounding it is because it's not gonna make a difference in your daughter's personality or masculinity.

Strong her Reg

Sofia sounds stronger.