Why do most black American women seem to have tough personalities?

Compared to a lot of white girls, I feel black women are more likely to get into a physical fight than a white woman judging by their personalities and the kinds of mouths they have.



I don’t know what black womwn you’ve met but I don’t think it’s okay to generalize them. I’m a black woman and in my 19 years of life have never been in a fight or any altercation. I’m actually quite shy I only just started breaking out of my shell once I got into the real world and college. However, most Black women do tend to be mistreated. In my opinion we’re the most disrespected group of women. People are always calling us ugly, ghetto, etc so of course we tend to be a bit more cautious when we’re approached thusmaking our personality seem cold. Yes there are some black women who are how you described but every race has their group of bad seeds and it’s not acceptable to just pick on black women just because you’ve observed one with this type of personality. I’m not trying to be mean! I hope one day you won’t feel this way and get a black woman as a friend because we’re very loyal and kind. Especially older black women they’re so nice. Please don’t judge and make assumptions.

i find it annoying when women like that try to act like men

Black women face a lot more discrimination and sexism in America...more than any other group

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They grow up with other people like that. The ghetto is just an endless cycle of negativity. I been saying it for so long.

They actually are. Their crime rates including assault rates are higher than those of white women. Black people are just more violent than white people on average.

Black women are more manly than white women. That might be why most black men are gay.

I’ve only seen a few. But yeah that “tough” persona is actually stupid and annoying. To me it seems to come from parents, school gangs, or the people they hang around with. They remind me of my grandmother. Tough and stupid and then wonders why no one wants to be around them let alone hug them. Having that persona doesn’t automatically mean it’s bad if it’s actually part of their nature. If it’s not then I personally blame their upbringing.

Which means they are just faking it to look cool which is retarded. And on the news a black girl got her *** handed to her in a silver platter by a 52 year old man xD
I thought it was funny as hell lol. And my favorite comment by far was “act tough and like trash; in the trash you go” 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

i dont think they do, ive seen sonne really nice ones around