Why do men think they're stronger than women?

They're not! They're never experienced the pain of having a baby, having menstrual cramps and smiling all day



There build is bigger and stronger..there providers,woman are small and lovers ,we care for baby's.its our nature

Because they suck and they're sexist.

There will always be a debate about mental strength in the genders, I'm sure this has been scientifically studied.Physical strength, however is obvious, ie that most men are physically stronger than most women.There will always be some women who are stronger or some men who are weaker.

Watch the SAS programme, (which back in 2018 the SAS have let women train in this military organisation, that was men only for 85 years), because they realise that some women are just as capable as men.The men and women in this tv show have to carry each other, as well as their 'burgens' with sandbags etc, over mountains.

My ex wife and my daughter, both say the women complaining about all the pain during child birth are "cry-babies".Female managers I've worked with say they will fire a woman for taking time off for monthly problems. Smiling is horribly painful for some people. Your argument lacks substance.

As trolling questions, this one is pretty old (though I admit, reliable).

probably cause they have better nnuscles than we do

Yes, they are strong in there own way, not necessarily stronger physically however.

Strength is measured in more ways than just pain threshold. Men are statistically physically stronger than women, it isn't an equality thing, it's a fact!

If your argument then goes to women bodybuilders, then male bodybuilders are again physically stronger.

For the record I am perfectly happy with equality for women,

Women take pain better then men but men a are stronger when it comes to upper body strength like with lifting heavy objects. Each sex has it's strengths and weaknesses. Boys and girls are different.