Burning fossil fuel is bad why do it?


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because people like to live in warm homes and drive their cars to work to earn money to put in their gas guzzling cars and buy groceries and merchandise from the stores (that are also warm), that deliver food and merchandise by gas guzzling trucks from farms and companies that use gas guzzling large farm equipment and machinery to harvest that food and make the other necessities you enjoy. Look around your room. Everything you have, you somehow got with fossil fuel. So unless you have a wand like Harry Potter to conjure up what you need to live, burning fossil fuel is the only way to get it. AND IT'S NOT BAD!! Stupid liberals aren't always right!


Air pollution. Burning fossil fuels emits a number of air pollutants that are harmful to both the environment and public health. Sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions, primarily the result of burning coal, contribute to acid rain and the formation of harmful particulate matter.

About 33% or more energy for all nations comes from fossil fuel. Not easy to stop this suddenly. It takes time to find alternate energy plus change our technology to the new Green ways.

How to you plan to run your car, heat your house and make the Rockafellows Richer?

What do you suppose is powering yahoo answers and the device you used to post the question?

Because its also good, its like asking why people smoke or eat red meat or gamble, however there is a perceptibly workable solution to burning fossil fuels, but it treads on the toes of established corporations so they spread disinformation about the science

What is your definition of bad? A cheap fuel to get billions of people to work each day so they can feed there families?

Should we put a windmill on our cars?

To power all your gadgets.

First it is not bad, and next there are no other alternatives to power the life we desire.

so are fries, people eat them

I have no better way to quickly commute.