Why are all white people Christians?



Because theyre bigots

Why are all black people basketball super stars? Now, is that an equally ridiculous question for ya?

Hahahahahaha!!!......... troll.

By 1800 all European pagans had been burned to death. A Christian race had fused of Norse, Celts, Franks, Teutons, Romans and Greeks and Slavs: Witness the Royal genealogies of the Crusader period. Goth and Roman throughout the Christianised Roman Empire fused in the Crusades. Since 1800 the new race has kicked back and partly rediscovered European pagan folk roots.

Not true

But they arn't.

They are not! Why do you think they are?

christianity is actually dying off in europe. especially western and northern europe

its only white americans in conservative areas that seem to latch onto christianity

based on my view and anecdotal experiences, the ones that seem to conform to christianity the most whether its catholicism or protestantism are hispanics, black americans, black africans

Not all white people are Christians. Some are atheists, and some belong to alternate religions.